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ODOD Brownfields Remediation

In 2022, in partnership with the Athens County Land Bank, the Athens County Port Authority hired Tetra Tech to coordinate and oversee Athens County brownfield remediation projects funded by over $1 million in Ohio Department of Development brownfield remediation grants.  With 2024 ODOD brownfields funding now approved, we continue to add projects to the pipeline.

2023 Projects / Round 2 ODOD Funding

  • 63 S Court St (Athens) - Asbestos Abatement and (Partial) Building Demolition 
  • 83 Columbus Rd (Athens) - Asbestos Abatement and Building Demolition
  • Chauncey School Demolition - Asbestos Abatement, Building Demolition, and Infrastructure (Sewer/Water)

2022 Projects / Round 1 ODOD Funding

  • 83 Columbus Rd (Athens) - VAP Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Geophysical Survey
  • Chauncey School - VAP Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Asbestos Survey
  • Chauncey Mine Land - VAP Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Washington Rd (Albany) - VAP Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment, Asbestos and Geophysical Surveys
  • Trimble School Demolition - Demolition and Asbestos Remediation Monitoring

dilapidated brick building Trimble Schoold Demo Event 400x300 Trimble School After 300x400