Strategic Plan

ACEDC Strategic Planning Efforts

In 2016, the ACEDC embarked on a strategic plan to determine the organization’s short, mid and long-term goals. The plan includes measurable objectives and broad strategies that will help the ACEDC attract new employers, increase living wage jobs and per capita incomes, and decrease the children’s poverty rate.

Strategic plan tactics include:

  • Funding and resources to site and industrial park development
  • Tools for small business development
  • Technology commercialization through innovation districts
  • Increasing private sector budget support
  • Increasing number of public sector companies and living wage jobs


Defining “Living Wage”

The ACEDC board has determined $15/hour as an appropriate living wage. This not only expands the tax base, but improves the quality of life for Athens citizens. Companies that commit to this wage and offer acceptable benefits will be considered for economic development incentives and tax abatements.


Download and Read the ACEDC Strategic Plan.

ACEDC Strategic Plan Update FINAL_