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Solsmart Brings Solar Recognition and Services to SE Ohio

Click here for the original story from The Athens News   By Mathew Roberts, Info and Outreach Director, UpGrade Ohio Aug 16, 2017 Last year the solar industry created jobs 17 times faster than the overall U.S. economy, with more than 260,000 workers nationwide and over 5,800 jobs in Ohio. Solar development employs more than […]

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Economic Development Plan Shoots for Thousands of Jobs

Click here for the originally story from WOUB. April 17, 2017 Nick Niehaus “Within five years, Athens County should add 2,500 new jobs, cut the poverty rate for children by five points and increase the per capita income by 15 percent.” Those are the goals listed in the Comprehensive Economic Development Plan accepted by the […]

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Ride-sharing service sets Athens County launch for early in June

Click here for the original story from The Athens News.  May 29, 2017 Conor Morris A representative for a new ride-sharing service launching in Athens County says the service is expecting to start offering rides in early June. Liberty Mobility Now is a ride-sharing service, cellphone application and phone line from a small start-up company […]

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