Speculative Buildings

Request for Proposal

**The Athens County Port Authority has selected the architecture and engineering firm Burgess & Niple for the speculative building project at the Bill Theisen Industrial Park.** If you would like copies of the RFP or subsequent addendum, please email your request to admin@athenscountyohedc.com


Additional Information

Preliminary Site Plans

Follow the link to see the preliminary site plans as of March 2022:  Athens Warehouse Progress Set 01-10-22 4

Due Diligence Studies

With assistance from the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG), the Athens County Port Authority participated in the Site Readiness Grant, which covered the cost of several site due diligence studies. Engineering firm Burgess and Niple completed the following studies in 2018: wetland delineation, threatened & endangered species, cultural resources report, geo-technical, and grading reports. All studies are available upon request. The Constraints to Development Summary can be found here: Constraints to Development Summary

Phase I and II Property Assessments were completed in 2009 by Malcom Pirnie and are available upon request.

Wetlands Delineation Report 

Geotechnical Report


Utility Maps

Existing Utilities:Gas: Columbia Gas is the gas service provider at the Bill Theisen Industrial Park. A medium pressure 4-inch gas line with a maximum pressure of 10 pounds per square inch (PSI) and an excess capacity of up to 50 mcfh (thousand cubic feet per hour) runs along Industrial Drive.

Electric: AEP Ohio is the electric service provider to the Bill Theisen Industrial Park. The site is currently served by an existing, single-feed, three-phase 12kV overhead circuit. The electric substation is adjacent to the property. Excess capacity at the Industrial Park is 5 MVA.

Water: Water to the site is provided by Le-Ax Water District. Estimated max capacity is 350,000 gallons per day (gpd). Two water mains run along Industrial Drive (one 10” and one 16”).

Sewer: Sanitary sewer service is provided by the Athens County Sewer and Water Department. The current available sewer capacity is approximately 380,000 gallons per day (gpd) with an existing 10-inch sewer line.

Fiber: Fiber optic cables provided by Horizon run along County Road 110 (see map) Existing fiber line runs the length of Poston Road (CR 110). Service capabilities to site boundary are 5mbps-10gbps.


Proposed Extensions: