Employers and schools are working to address labor shortage in southeast Ohio

February 4th, 2022

By David Forster, WOUB


ATHENS, Ohio (WOUB) — Last year a group of manufacturers in southeast Ohio asked more than a thousand students in middle and high school if they were interested in a career in manufacturing.

Just over 3 percent said yes. Forty-four percent said they were not at all interested.

“That is stunning to me,” said Kara Willis, regional talent manager for OhioSE, which promotes economic development in southeast Ohio.

The survey presents a huge problem for manufacturers in this region, who often struggle to find enough qualified employees to fill positions.

And it’s a big concern for those trying to promote economic development in southeast Ohio. Manufacturing is the backbone of the region’s economy. Having enough people who are not only interested in a career in manufacturing but also get the education and training needed for these employers is critical not only for the companies already here but also for efforts to recruit more manufacturers to the region.


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