Newest Round of TechCred Training Grant Applications Now OPEN! Apply Today!

A new round of TechCred Training grant applications opened on June 1st! The application will close on June 30th at 3pm so it is important that Athens County businesses apply as soon as possible! The TechCred Training program is meant to help businesses upskill their current employees by helping them earn short-term, technology-focused credentials at NO COST. As long as employees are on the payroll at the time of reimbursement, all employees are eligible for the program. As of now, more than 1,100 Ohio businesses have used TechCred which has helped Ohio employees can earn 19,841 different technology-focused credentials. Credentials such as computer sciences, engine repair, HVAC, and welding are eligible! To learn more, visit to apply, search the full list of credentials, and learn more about TechCred!