Site prep for new EMS station underway

December 17,  2019

By: Heather Willard

Athens County Emergency Medical Services has been housed for a while now on West Union Street in a building the county does not own. Officials have called for more space, citing maintenance issues with the building as well as lack of certain facilities.

Site prep work is finally underway for the new EMS station, which will be at 21 Kenny Drive in Athens. The land was donated to the city of Athens by TS Tech, which has a nearby facility. The city signed an agreement with the commissioners in October for the station to be built on the land.

The new building will have space for ambulances, as well as crew quarters, a kitchen/dining area, a training room and EMS administrative office — the office is currently separate from the station, and is housed in a leased space in The Plains. The new site will also have state of the art training facilities, and the hope is to be occupying a fully-operational station at the Kenny Drive site in the fall of 2020.

In October, the Athens County Commissioners awarded the project to Hoon, Inc., of Athens for a cost of $2.33 million. The solar power array portion of the project was awarded separately to Third Sun Solar at the cost of $74,668.


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